Route dates and timings

Last week, the route with timings went in to the CAA for flight co-ordination purposes. However, it is time for everyone to start getting ready and planning where best to see the IWM Duxford based Catalina G-PBYA go past. Naturally all is weather dependent and subject to air traffic control (ATC) but the support from National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and local ATC units has been superb given the historic nature of what is planned. To find out more go to the Route page.

30 days to go and counting down now!

A day of progress with the air display applications sent off to the CAA and an excellent meeting with Fiona and Laura, Public Relations and Fundraising Managers respectively, at the RAFBF.  I had my first lesson on Twitter which challenged the grey cells but never to old to try something so expect some tweets in the coming days.  Only diversion was a trip to the Mall Galleries to see the Guild of Aviation Artists, 2013 Aviation Paintings of the Year Exhibition.  Great to see the names Sopwith, Hawker and Catalina among the exhibits.

50 days to go!

The logistics of the crew change in Oban has been resolved and the locals are gearing up to welcome the Catalina on this historic flight.  At long last sponsors are starting to show their hand and the smallest tend to be the most generous.  However, more sponsors are needed to cover the costs especially that of fuel.  Time to dig deep!