Display boards all complete

Educating the young and the old is an important aspect of Project Hawker. There is a story to be told about Harry Hawker and this fills one display board. The other display board centres around the Catalina. Both boards will be available for the press to see on Wednesday and will both will be on board the Catalina on its Circuit of Britain.  

14 days to go!

Another day of progress.  Telephone call with with IAA has resolved a number of issues in the Dublin CTR.  The IWM is now listed for charity donations.  Press releases being prepared.  Fuel plans being finalised.  More individual sponsorship has been forthcoming.  Lots of emails and phone calls dealt with.  A photo shoot for the Catalina is next on the list of jobs to do.

30 days to go and counting down now!

A day of progress with the air display applications sent off to the CAA and an excellent meeting with Fiona and Laura, Public Relations and Fundraising Managers respectively, at the RAFBF.  I had my first lesson on Twitter which challenged the grey cells but never to old to try something so expect some tweets in the coming days.  Only diversion was a trip to the Mall Galleries to see the Guild of Aviation Artists, 2013 Aviation Paintings of the Year Exhibition.  Great to see the names Sopwith, Hawker and Catalina among the exhibits.