Display boards all complete

Educating the young and the old is an important aspect of Project Hawker. There is a story to be told about Harry Hawker and this fills one display board. The other display board centres around the Catalina. Both boards will be available for the press to see on Wednesday and will both will be on board the Catalina on its Circuit of Britain.  

2 thoughts on “Display boards all complete

    • Yes Neil. Two trisection boards about 6 x 4 feet. One covers Hawker and 1913 while the other is on the Catalina. That is all I am giving out at present so if folk want to know more they will have to come along to Oban Airport. A case of where to put them? Perhaps on a couple of tables in the Airport Reception or failing that they may have to stay on the Catalina somewhere. I will worry about that in Oban!

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