“Australia all Over”

Just been interviewed by Macca on ABC Radio in Australia.  The programme is a popular choice on a Sunday morning and goes nationwide. Hopefully, as a result there will be a bit of interest in Harry Hawker and the 100th Anniversary of his Circuit of Britain flight in the Sopwith Waterplane.

14 thoughts on ““Australia all Over”

  1. Just heard you Jeff on Macca. Have signed up to follow you on this historical trip. My father was an Engineer on the cattail as during WW2. All the best. Will share your journey with dad

  2. Greetings, this has fired up my old flying spirit. What a noble thing to do!!!
    Takes me back to the 60’s at Cambridge Tasmania where I began my career in
    aviation. It has been so rewarding and i am in the process of mapping out my flights onto
    a map of Australia.
    Safe flying and good weather.
    From Mildura Victoria

  3. I heard the interview with Macca a little earlier. A truely fascinating story about an incredible man who’s deeds are sadly little known. Well done for bringing the story to light.

  4. I heard the interview with Macca and was very impressed. What a great idea.
    Wishing you all the best.
    I hope you have a great flight and the weather is kind to you all.

  5. Heard the broadcast this morning and will do what I can to spread the word to Australian aviation enthusiasts. Harry Hawker is not well known here and this is a great opportunity to change that. Fantastic project. We live near the WWII Catalina base Rathmines and the Black Cats are well remembered. Good luck with all aspects. Don Ramsay

    • Great news. I was in Oz and made it to Rathmines last November with my daughter. Great effort by the team at Rathmines plus seeing the HARS Cat and crew was super. My daughter just flew in to London from Sydney this morning to see me off on Wednesday and with the rest of the family meet me in Oban.

  6. Heard you on “Macca” Jeff, great interview. My Father was stationed at Lake Boga and as an electrical fitter worked on many “Cats”. A fascinating aircraft with an incredible performance and History. Congratulations on undertaking the journey, revisiting this unsung yet historic achievement. Best Wishes for a safe and successful experience. John Murray

    • Super to hear from the son of a veteran. Visited Lake Boga end of 2011 and great to see the Cat undercover plus surrounded by very interesting displays and relics. Many thanks.

  7. We heard Jeff’s call to Macca on Sunday morning – how well done was that?. A lot of info in a reasonably short time and judging by the posts here, you have raised interest in Harry as well as your own magnificant project. Best wishes, Chris Hawker

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