Route map and tracking the flight

A map of the 2013 route is now available here. A live map will be made available tomorrow, updating every 10 minutes with the Catalina’s location.

7 thoughts on “Route map and tracking the flight

  1. I work at the original factory where this aircraft was produced. Bombardier Aerospace is a direct decendent of Canadian Vickers. Whilst we are now an ultra-modern factory we have not forgotten our herritage. It is great to see one of the original aircraft still flying.

  2. Thanks for the live tracking. Nice to see you flying over Kingston and turning to go S to Hook and the grave. I got some video and Helen got a still.

  3. I also was a Kingston this morning on the roof of the Fairfield car park. The plane just slightly missed the old Sopwith factory, maybe due to flight paths of planes landing at Heathrow, who were entering over London and Richmond. The flight came into Kingston from the east, just missing the actual town centre.. Got some shots as it banked south towards Hook. Didn’t realise how large a wingspan it has, nor how quiet she was, almost unnoticable.
    Well done, best wishes and all the best for the rest of the tour.

  4. Great too see you gently banking over Brooklan ds this morning. Fantastic way to remember Harry Hawker. Well done to everyone who set this up.Have alerted friends in Scotland and Devon to be on the lookout. Looking forward to seeing you on the return leg on Sunday.

  5. Great to see you at Loughshinny, north Co. Dublin today, where Harry Hawker crash-landed in 1913. Good luck with the rest of the trip!

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