Live tracking

Today’s the day! As long as there are no last minute delays from 10:30 onwards you should be able to track the Catalina’s progress here.

10 thoughts on “Live tracking

  1. I thought I was going to burst with pride this afternoon; standing on Gorleston Beach with friends; the Australian Flag held high and seeing you come into view. I’m guessing it didn’t take long for you to see the flag because you headed straight for it; and then provided the most fantastic fly overs time and time again. Thank you so much and congratulations. Incredible effort.

  2. Worth my time walking up to Felixstowe Clifftops to catch a glimpse of “Miss Pick Up” as she soared by, managed to get a visual with my binoculars, such a warm sight to see her reflect in the Sun

  3. When you fly over PD on Saturday can you divert slightly north(1 mile) and fly over the cricket pitch where Neyland CC will be celebrating themselves after winning the county championship!

    • Whether by design or accident right over the cricket pitch!Thankyou and jolly good luck for the rest of your adventure.

  4. Saw you today at Aberdeen beach,i honestly thought at first you were going to hit Asda you were so low,i never knew what it was and why it was flying around beach until I found this link..Happy to have witnessed it now

  5. Thanks so much for stopping in Oban. Never thought I’d see the day when a Cat returned. Nice particularly to see the two old vets getting aboard!

  6. Great to see the Old Lady still able to Fly A credit to all involved. I have been involved in aviation for over 60 yrs. Worked on a lot of the Old Reliables DC3 .DC6.DC7.and of course Hurricanes and Spitfires. Good Luck Keep up the Good work

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