Display boards all complete

Educating the young and the old is an important aspect of Project Hawker. There is a story to be told about Harry Hawker and this fills one display board. The other display board centres around the Catalina. Both boards will be available for the press to see on Wednesday and will both will be on board the Catalina on its Circuit of Britain.  

A day closer to lift off

Esther Blaine at the IWM Duxford has been a real star getting the ball rolling with the Press Call and Press Release. RAF Leeming have been in touch about the operational aspects of the Catalina coming. The Webmaster has been busy providing other IT / technical input. Names of invited guests for the various local flights are firming up. Still plenty to do though! 

Air to air photography

Ever wondered how photographers get some great air to air shots? I had a lengthy telephone call on Sunday and today I received a detailed email setting out the logistics of getting some photos of the Catalina coming down Southampton Water. Safety is the over-riding aspect along with attention to detail. Alas you will have to wait at least another 9 days to see the outcome.

10 days to go!

Where has the weekend gone? Well to start, more work has been done on the press release material. Photos have gone off to Shell of the Catalina being oiled up during a recent service. Once the aircraft is back from a display over the weekend of 17th-18th August it will be cleaned and a number of decals applied. Finally, some excellent news on the Hawker family front.  A number of relatives will be coming to Duxford for the departure of the Catalina on August 21st.